Transformation and post partum story

My journey with TFM has been a ride for sure!! I started at 1 month post partum and wanted to be in even better shape than I was before pregnancy. I was able to workout while pregnant but as you know post baby your body just has to work its way back to "normal". I've never accepted the fact I wasn't normal and pushed boundaries my whole I took this challenge with a passion to see what I could do with this body!! I ate good before but would binge and skip repeat.. Ive been anorexic and fat too my heaviest was 188 in a 14 and I hated my own skin. So after being introduced to advocare I found Alicia who got me on right products and fast forward I have kept off for 5 years. She then contacted me after I had baby and said you need yo try TFM. I can honestly say yes its challenging but ohh so worth the effort! There's no guess work , which I love BC as a mom,wife, and whatever else comes I'm prepared always! I am forever grateful to Liz and her team as well as Whitney and Alicia for getting me involved. I have goals and it's not.just about physical change as much as it's about the mental change.that I can do anything because strong is the new sexy!! Pictures are start, 2 weeks and 4 weeks in.