"Skinny Fat" to Fit


My journey with Teamfitmom has been life changing! 

It was right around my first sons 2nd bday that I decided I needed a change. I had lost all the baby weight from the pregnancy but no body told me, even if I lost the baby weight things weren't going to go back nice and tight and toned like they were pre pregnancy! 

I had met Liz Cort prior to us both having husbands and babies and staying connected on fb I saw that she after her 2 boys looked amazing and was helping all these moms get fit so I reached out. Something I was concerned about and stressed to Liz right away was that I didn't want to loose any weight. I just wanted to tone and if anything add some weight with muscle. I did the phase 1 prep program and after 12 weeks was able to step on the wbff fitness stage! As a mom it felt amazing, like abs after a baby, heck yea! 

I continued to train with the teamfitmom plans and in less than a year was able to put on a little over 10lbs of muscle which has always been incredible hard for me to do. 

Than 9 months ago I had another little boy. An unplanned csection set my post partum plans back and for the first time ever I was struggling to loose the last 10lbs of baby weight I had gained. Jan 2016 I started the teamfitmom plans again and after 4 weeks I could finally fit back into my skinny jeans and was down that 10lbs and after 10 weeks I did a fun teamfitmom photoshoot. 

Teamfitmom/teamfitgirl has connected me to so many amazing women and now being a coach on teamfitmom I have been able to help so many ladies reach their goals using the programs Liz created. It's been amazing to be a part of! 

I can't say enough good things about Team Fit Mom!