Nicholee Froese, I reclaimed my health!

Over the past 6 months I have been focusing on improving my health, wellness & happiness. I had let my health & fitness slide during the painful end of a difficult marriage. Although I had finally gotten back on my feet & finished nesting in my new house, I was not in a good head space. My evenings were lonely, filled only with too many late nights of Neflix & wine. I knew I needed to transform my head and reclaim my health.

I became a member of a local gym in September. The owner is a TeamFit coach and encouraged me to participate in the TeamFit Holiday Shred DietBet. Getting connected with an online community was key. The TeamFit tribe provided inspiration, motivation, support & accountability. I lost almost 9lb in those 30 days!

With the TeamFit wind in my sails, I decided to go all in and sign up for a Photo shoot Challenge with my daughter. We trained hard & ate clean for 10 weeks. We had an amazing online community of women to shore us up when the times were rough and to tell us which outfits were knockouts for the upcoming shoot. The actual shoot was just a few short weeks ago. I will never forget stepping in front of the camera with my transformed body and feeling like a superstar. What an amazing, inspirational experience to go through with my daughter & 40 other women!

And now I just can't stop - won't stop! I have just started training using a Team Fit program for the Tri-Fitness Challenge in Tampa in June. This new challenge takes me even further out of my comfort zone as I was never athletic in my younger years. I am determined to unleash my inner athlete and slay this goal as well!

I am so grateful that I have become part of the TeamFit tribe of women committed to supporting each other in reaching fitness goals. It has been an essential part of my journey toward a healthier mind and body. Thank you TeamFit!