New Muscles, More Energy, and Excited to Work Out!


Seriously...who said that as women we need to starve ourselves to achieve the body image that we desire? Fueling my body every 3 hours with proper nutrition has produced results I never thought imaginable! At the beginning of this week (week 5), I was already down over 10 pounds and 9 inches! I don't weigh myself every day and the non scale victories are so much more important than anything that scale could possibly measure! Hearing my children say, "mommy you look so pretty!"and my husband say he loves seeing me so happy, those are the things that matter to me! Ladies listen to are amazing and you do not have to lick apples to lose weight if that is your ultimate goal!! ☺️The weight loss wasn't my objective when I started this journey. I wanted to feel better and I wanted to smile when I looked in the mirror each day. The weight loss has been an added bonus, but I have gained so much more! I've gained muscles in places I didn't know there were any, I've gained more energy, I've been excited to go into the gym to have people stare and even laugh at the way I am training, and I've gained more confidence than I knew was within me!! Thank you to Alicia Herring and Whitney Warner Gladden for helping me along this journey! You ladies are amazing!