My Transformation

Before TFMBG I was very weak. I had lost weight with an awesome program - 15 pounds - but still felt weak, had a hurting lower back and felt a little saggy from the weight loss. A friend introduced me to Liz Cort and the TFMBG program. I listened to what it was about and signed on for Phase 1 and started in January! The program is hard work but simple. You have specific strength exercise and cardio - multiple choices to choose from to mix it up along with a specific food plan. What, when and how much! Doesn't get simpler than that! I had an awesome coach for questions and a private and incredibly supportive FB page. Never before have I been a part of such a supportive group of women. Results! I lost an additional 5 pounds - 2.5 inches and went from my new size 8 to a newer size 4! My body has totally transformed! I'm still amazed when I look in the mirror. On top of this I am strong, lean with muscle tone and a strong core which helps the lower back. I did this program not to get on stage but did a fun professional photo shoot - I feel incredible at 51! I am ready to move into phase 2 and continue this journey. I'm also honored to be an affiliate coach for TFMBG. I want all women and especially women approaching or in menopausal years to know that it is not downhill. It is possible to feel good- in fact it's possible to feel incredible. TFMBG is a proven program like no other. Trust these programs and Liz Cort's expertise to transform your body!