My journey with Team Fit Mom


I started with Team fit mom & Team Fit Girl in January 2016 completing my 12 weeks in April 2016. Honestly this was a game changer for my personal wellness goals I had set for myself. It exceeded my expectations and taught me so much more than I THOUGHT I already knew. I didn't think that I needed help with the nutrition end of it but I was so wrong. I learned great aspects on how you can take your body to that next level. It was the best time to develop friendships and have the support of so many women all over! Highly recommend taking charge of this amazing program and owning it 100%. YOU CAN DO IT! When I started my journey in January 2016 I thought I already knew what I needed to know about nutrition. However this program strengthened my knowledge and learn how to effectively fuel the body when doing these amazing effective workouts. I am a mom of Irish twins 10 months apart and currently they are both 3 years old. I was looking for a program that could take me to my wellness goals and it exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this program for women all over and owning it 100%. YOU CAN DO THIS!