Healthier than I've EVER Felt


My journey may be a little different, because, I have been involved in fitness for many years. I've taught spin and boot camp classes, ran marathons, completed triathlons and half Ironman distances, but, I have NEVER felt this healthy. Endless hours of cardio and eating junk food between chasing three boys on a soccer field left me just "surviving" my constant training and not really "thriving!" I was also bored with the constant miles of running and needed a fresh start for my body AND my spirit! This 39 year old mama was tired!

I am AMAZED at what my body has done in four week of training with Team Fit Mom. My clothes are actually fitting better (no "mom" butt) :) and I am seeing muscle definition in places I've never seen it before. In all the years I've been in a gym, I've NEVER seen my deltoids. I always admire them on other fit mamas, but, mine never quite show themselves! Now I see them! The definition is crazy!!

This amazing group of mamas is teaching me how to rethink this healthy living thing with increased gym time, less cardio, and the right fuel. The confidence and encouragement our Team Fit Mom group provides is priceless. It is empowering! I have learned to love fitness again.

I am excited to see what the next five weeks will bring. I am forever grateful for being introduced to this program.