From the Couch to the Gym


As a busy Mom to 4 great kids - I never made "me" a priority. Most of my days were "survival mode" - going through the motions - attending kids sports - school and church events. PTO mom and fixing quick dinners because I was always juggling several schedules. When I saw a post about this 12 week fitness program- that incorporated exercising - strength - eating clean- etc it was way out of my comfort zone. Going to the gym was always scary to me. I couldn't fake like I knew what I was doing and as a Domestic violence survivor I never got that self esteem back even after 10 years. So played it safe, stayed in my comfort zone and well ...


On the couch after my busy day ended. So seeing a post to go way out of my comfort zone freaked me out but it was like the post had runway lights all over it and kept directing me to it. I trusted in the coach Ty Miller and sent her a message telling her I was scared but was contemplating it. I tried to use the excuse of my orthoarthritis and my recent diagnosis of a heart issue but she assured me I could this and I knew she would be there every step of the way! So I jumped in (both feet)! Loved the meal plans and the gym I realized was not so scary after the first few times. I was the one who would put my mat in the back of the room - so no one could watch me. I laughed at myself a lot- but each day I felt stronger and was able to do more and more- it was a feeling I honestly never felt. I carried myself differently- I held my head high-most importantly I felt the best I've ever felt! When people would compliment me on the transformation my response was always I feel really good. For me it wasn't the end but a new beginning. I slowly move my mat closer and closer to the front of a strength class. For me personally what I gained was far better than any loss on the scale or in inches. This program is incredible and I'm forever grateful to Liz Cort and my coach Ty Miller. I want to inspire all the moms who hide behind their fears like I was too!