Finally had enough. Samantha Jones

I've always been overweight. "Too tall and too heavy" in the 90th percentile all through my childhood. Started playing sports in junior high, and got in decent shape by the time I was a senior in high school. Then college happened. And being in a relationship and being comfortable happened. I slowly gained 60lbs after high school. Then in 2014 I got pregnant. Hit the 300lb mark in January 2015 just before I had my son.

In November 2015 I had I'd dropped most of my baby weight, but I wanted to do better. I found a gym that I loved, products that worked, and a tribe of people with similar goals that helped to keep me accountable to my goals.

Today, I'm nearly 40lbs down and 23" lost overall, with no plans to stop any time soon.
I've set a goal for myself to compete in this years Tri-fit competition in Florida in June - if only to prove to myself that I can do it. Thanks to team fit, and all of the inspiring women that make me want to keep pushing forward!