Alicia Easterwood, Fort Worth, TX

After losing 42lbs and keeping it off for 2.5 years while having my 2nd child during that time frame I wanted to take my journey to next level and test my body to see what it can do. I saw Liz Cort post about Tri-Fitness Challenge in 2015 and made a goal to compete next year after having my 2nd baby. When 2016 TriFitness World Competition was announced I heard about Team Fit Mom and several friends doing this and reached out without hesitation. 

Over the 12 weeks I built my strength & endurance up and got down to 10% body fat. I did not lose any weight over the 12 weeks but what I did do is gain confidence in myself, my body, strength, and stamina. First time walking on stage and wanted to show off the hard work and what our body can achieve after having babies. Its all possible! I was placed in the Top 20 in the Fitness Challenge. The best part is the relationships built from our #FitTribe. 

TFM, TFG, & TFB plans are incredible, the culture is second to none. I am blessed to be a part of this amazing culture and looking forward to helping my friends and family achieve their goals and be a part of Team Fit!