The Building Blocks for Custom Personal Training

Our programs offer solid, accessible & incredibly effective plans that you and your coach will use to navigate your fitness transformation

Each Program Includes:


But First, Consider What YOU Need!

We all approach fitness differently. Some women love the structure and routine of the gym. With a wide variety of equipment & community support you can pop in, stay focused & grab a shower. For other women, the flexibility of a workout that can travel with them and fit into their busy lives, either working out at home- or staying fit on the road. That's we we have specially designed two programs geared for your exact needs. Both program designs are creative and WILDLY effective. There is some overlap between the two- but they are designed to optimize your time working out at home, or in a gym.

So ask yourself:

Which sounds more like you?

Consider this: The average a personal training session runs anywhere from $45-$100 an hour. A night out with the girls can cost you $35-$75 in food and drinks. 

What if you invested that in yourself?

We are proud of our accessible pricing, (most packages average just about $19 a week) and the sheer value of our programs. If you follow them, and work with your coach they will work, and they will transform your body, and your life. Instead of throwing cash at a trainer for one session a week, join us EVERY DAY and truly evolve. You'll save big, and lose even more.


Anywhere Workout

For all the "busy women" out there, this fitness and nutrition program is for YOU! Busy Moms, Working Professionals, Traveling Women, Vacationers, or those that simply don't have access or want to be in a gym, this program goes where you do. 

The Team Fit Anywhere Program allows you the opportunity to reach your fitness and wellness goals with minimal equipment and time. It can be done at home, at a hotel, at the track, the park, the beach and offers you the flexibility of fitness on your terms and schedule.

This 10-12 week program is designed to get you results and provides you with:

  • 6 Strength Workouts
  • 5 HIIT Based Cardio Workouts
  • 2 Meal Plans & Grocery List
  • Dynamic Stretching Routines
  • Body Measurements Tracker 
  • Dedicated Coach
  • Exclusive Team Video Demonstration Portal 
  • Access to our exclusive online social media community of fellow Team Fit Members from across the Globe, aka your "Fit Tribe."
  • Resources, Tips and Tricks from your all Female team of Fitness Experts!
  • Exclusive Team Fit Discounts

*To get the most out of this program, you're are highly encouraged to purchase"portable fitness equipment." The program uses a Suspension Trainer (TRX,) Loop Band, Resistance Band with Handles, and Two Sets of Dumbells; 5 pounds and 15 pounds. These items are not included in the cost of the program and can be purchased from any major sporting goods retailer or online commerce site. You may use the program without these suggested pieces of portable fitness equipment, however for optimal results it is highly suggested to make this small investment as you and will be unable to complete some of workouts such as the TRX portion. 


12 Week All-Inclusive Training Program $235


Clean Eating Plan

Our 10 Week Meal Plan including our signature 4 week Rotating Carbohydrate Plan. A great combo of lean proteins, complex carbs, good fats, fruits and veggies! Energize your life and goals! This plan is designed to shred body fat, help you protect and build lean muscle for a shredded physique.



Clean Eating Program $69.99


Cookbook Team Fit in the Kitchen

Has "healthy" come to mean boring does delicious food translate to hours in the kitchen? Say goodbye to both!

Team Fit in the Kitchen will spice up your plate and help you put exciting delicious food on the table in 30 minutes or less! The 30 recipes found in the Team Fit Cookbook work with all Team Fit Plans and Kut4Men. But they also work as a tool to jump-start your nutrition and healthier lifestyle. These 30 ( plus one bonus,)  healthful recipes are the result of the collaboration with our staff nutritionist and offer sound nutrition without counting calories, macros or points!

Highlights of the TEAM FIT IN THE KITCHEN:

  • 30 Delicious Recipes
  • How to Prepare for success in meal planning and nutrition
  • The TEAM FIT philosophy on nutrition
  • Creating the Perfect Pantry
  • Grocery shopping tools for health
  • Bonus meal planning and grocery shopping templates

* Please note that Team Fit In the Kitchen is a cookbook product and unlike our comprehensive plans does not provide access to the Team Fit Community Page or a Dedicated Coach.


Team Fit in the Kitchen $19.99