How Having a Fit Tribe Helps You Hit Your Goals Faster

Over the last 10 years of my life, I found that using the “group” method of motivation was a really helpful tool for me and has proved to be for the thousands of women we've coached through the Team Fit programs. We are always curious as to how women find us and why they choose to work with us, the response is overwhelmingly the idea of having a dedicated coach and a community around them of other like minded women to support them in their fitness journey. There’s something about having a common goal with several other women that can really keep you on track and get you excited to reach your own goal while you help them do the same. We call it our fit-tribe. 

Here are a few of the reasons that group motivation is so effective (for me) and maybe they will be for you too!

1. Groups are so dynamic and exciting! It feels really good to join with other women who are excited about their fitness journey, goals, and the share the same vision and enthusiasm! Excitement and encouragement multiply quickly when you add in other enthusiastic people. You immediately feel part of something bigger than just yourself and your own goals, and it instantly becomes NOT all about you...despite the fact that you are reaching personal goals, and thats refreshing.  I’m not trying to turn your world upside down if your momma told you it IS all about you, but lets look at the positive side of what having a support system can do for you while your in pursuit of some individual goals. When your by yourself, it can be hard to get back on track if you miss a few days, fall off track or downright just sit on the couch having a pity party. If you're flying are the one that has to say to yourself "suck it up buttercup" and actually get yourself back in the game. When you have a dedicated coach, as our women do here in Team Fit, your coach gets to know you and whats considered "normal" for you. When your coach senses something may be "off" she's going to reach out. Your friends on the support page (private social media group) are constantly posting their wins, successes, motivation and you can't hide from it. Its much easier to get back on the band wagon when you recognize that everyone has struggles, and you can stop feeling sorry for yourself and join the women on a mission who refuse to allow excuses into their journey.  With my Fit Journey, there were always days that I felt like quitting, but when I'd see my friend and now Coach, Chantel Schultz posting about her workouts and healthy meals that day...I'd snapped out of my "poor me" phase and stayed focused. Sometimes it's because I'm competitive and I didn't want to loose my edge, but really she inspired me because at the end of the day, she was just as busy as I was, was running kids all over town like I was, and my excuses were just bullshit in my own head. Isn't that what friends are for...she didn't even have to tell me that, her posts made me tell myself that! 


2. You get exposed to new ideas: Groups are an excellent way to gain new insight or tips into whats working for other women and how they may be able to help you. I love seeing the posts in the Team Fit Group page, of how women come up with creative ways to food prep and use baby bottles as shaker cups when they can't find a clean one.  A few of the ladies were totally serious when they posted in the group page asking "does anyone else have an issue with camel toe and certain yoga pants while working out?". To "outsiders" that may sound like the most ridiculous question ever, but to your Fit-Tribe, its legit, and quite honestly a real problem. The community from is incredibly active, the comments and laughter rolled, but as a Coach for the last 12 years, I had an answer for these ladies, recorded and posted it in the group. I won't leave you hanging, so here's YOUR free FIT-TIP, ladies wear a panty liner and wallah camel toe be gone! Ok back to groups...they are a great way to get tips from others who are more experienced than you and a way for you to share your own knowledge of what does (or doesn’t) work. We have clients all over the world, and coaches all across the US and now Switzerland that are all part of this online can imagine the differences, ideas and knowledge flowing through the group! 


3. Accountability: Groups can bring a big dose of accountability . Accountability for many is the single most powerful tool for improvement and it will get you up and moving when nothing else can. How do you put accountability with fitness? Simply, it’s bringing others on the journey with you.  It means you can experience the challenges of losing weight, being post-partum, training for a competition, preparing for your wedding, or just getting healthy and strong together. There is power in accountability because you know others are watching you and they actually care about your success. Everyone needs cheerleaders in their lives to help them achieve goals that they just, frankly, wouldn’t do by themselves. People need people. In fact, the more public you are about your fitness goals, the greater chance you have of reaching them. We encourage our Team Fit Ladies to to set a goal. The women that have the most success are those that set specific goals to work towards. Some come to us being post partum and want to regain their bodies, energy and feel sexy again after having kids, others come to us seeking weight loss/toning up for their wedding, a reunion or vacation. If women don't have a specific goal, we offer a 10 week photo shoot prep goal, fitness competition prep goal, obstacle course goal, or simply LIFE and being healthy as a goal. We encourage our women to post about thier fitness goals and journey on social media, typically resulting in friends and family rooting for their success. Others invite friends and family to join in on their fitness journey, creating instant accountability partners! The women who follow our programs have instant accountability and a support group.  Its a Tribe of women on a similar path in life, that get each-other, life each-other up, motivate , encourage, and inspire one another. Having an accountability partner can make all the difference for you!


4. Connections and Friendships. Sharing the same passions on a regular basis is a great way to deepen friendships and strengthen existing bonds. And as fun as it is to make progress on your goals with existing friends, groups are also a good way to meet new people, new friends and lifelong bonds. If you don’t happen to have any current friends with that particular common interest, such as reaching health and fitness goals, finding a community that can support you is crucial. The best part about being a coach and over seeing this Team Fit community, is seeing women who are complete strangers before starting our program become great friends, forged through their interactions on the community support page. They comment on each others progress pics, lift each other up and relate to each other! When I decided to do my first fitness competition back in 2007, my family had no clue what it was nor did they think prancing around in a bikini on a stage with stripper shoes on was something I needed to do as a recent accomplished MBA graduate. They quite simply didn't understand the industry or the competition.  I competed alone, my husband traveled with me to the show, layered on coats of spray tan and I stood by myself backstage while groups of other women congregated and made me feel like a complete outsider. I could have used a fit tribe, but they simply didn't exist. I vowed to never go it alone again and if/when I created my own Fitness Team, I'd always include women and bring as many along on the journey as possible. The absolute best part of Team Fit, aside from the world class training programs, are the friendships that are forged across the globe from the women that feel a common bond by working toward similar goals, facing similar challenges and locking arms to embrace  the journey together.

Whatever your Fitness and wellness goals may be, I'd encourage you to find a group of like minded people that will support you, motivate you and keep you accountable! We've created a fit tribe here at Team Fit thats sweeping the globe and giving women a new way to stay motivated and accountable in pursuit if their fitness goals. You should join us...I think the more you dig on Team Fit, the more you'd fall in love! 


Getting started is simple, just email us your goals, and we'll match you up with an ambassador coach to help you take next steps!