Photoshoot Goal

This has been our most popular goal and the ladies have loved the outcome! A photo shoot is a great way to document your journey and hard work! 


Not the stage type? Still want to plan & prepare for a measurable goal that will keep you motivated & accountable? The you're ready to start prepping for a photoshoot and we are excited to make this happen for you. 

Have fun getting glammed up for a day with full hair, makeup, maybe even a spray tan (if that's your style) and capture your hard work, dedication and transformation with some fun pics!Life is a journey and it should be fun...

You can choose what outfits you want to shoot in and what you feel most comfortable with (jeans, sweater, tank tops, sport bras and shorts, dress, bathing suit etc). We, along with your Coach will help you with styling/props/shoot ideas! Set the shoot date and lets START TRAINING!


We'll help you find a photographer, local hair & makeup professional in your area! Every woman and MOM is beautiful and deserves to feel that way! Whether you've lost significant weight, or the last 5 pounds, or measurable changed your body composition, this goal is a fun , laid-back way to stay focused, and feel confident!

Prepare for a private shoot or join us each year for our annual Team Fit destination photo shoot, celebrating your incredible progress!


Get Started Planning Your Photoshoot Fitness Goal!

It's simple, tell us a bit about yourself, and we'll connect you with the perfect coach!

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Have a date in mind for a shoot? (we can pick this later, don't stress!)
Have a date in mind for a shoot? (we can pick this later, don't stress!)