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Train with us for a Team Fit Sponsored or Supported Event. Our specialty programs offer insider expertise & are effective plans that you and your coach will use to achieve your best at your next Team Fit sponsored or supported event.



This 10-week training program is designed to provide you with sport specific training and nutrition for Tri-Fitness Worlds 2019.

This is a print-and-go program is designed to be completed over 10-weeks with coaching support from Team Fit.

  • 10-week Sport-Specific Training Program

  • 10-week Dietitian Crafted Meal Plan

  • Sport Specific tips From World Record Holders, Seasoned Vets & Certified Fitness Experts

  • Video Demo Library ( password access)

Please note that package price does not include the registration fees for the event itself, hotel or air.

Tri-Fitness is a fitness competition with a foundation based on a dedication to health, fitness & competitive spirit. TEAM FIT is your go to team for sport-specific training programs, expert coaching from tri-fit world record holders, on-site support, friendships and fun!

10 Week Training Program

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Spice Up Your Tri-Fit Meal Plan with - Team Fit in the Kitchen

Has "healthy" come to mean boring does delicious food translate to hours in the kitchen? Say goodbye to both!

Team Fit in the Kitchen will spice up your plate and help you put exciting delicious food on the table in 30 minutes or less! The 30 recipes found in the Team Fit Cookbook work with all Team Fit Plans and Kut4Men. But they also work as a tool to jump-start your nutrition and healthier lifestyle. These 30 ( plus one bonus,)  healthful recipes are the result of the collaboration with our staff nutritionist and offer sound nutrition without counting calories, macros or points!

Highlights of the TEAM FIT IN THE KITCHEN:

  • 30 Delicious Recipes

  • How to Prepare for success in meal planning and nutrition

  • The TEAM FIT philosophy on nutrition

  • Creating the Perfect Pantry

  • Grocery shopping tools for health

  • Bonus meal planning and grocery shopping templates

* Please note that Team Fit In the Kitchen is a cookbook product and unlike our comprehensive plans does not provide access to the Team Fit Community Page or a Dedicated Coach.


Team Fit in the Kitchen $19.99