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Our programs offer solid, accessible & incredibly effective plans that you and your coach will use to navigate your fitness transformation

Each Program Includes:


But First, Consider What YOU Need!

We all approach fitness differently. Some women love the structure and routine of the gym. With a wide variety of equipment & community support you can pop in, stay focused & grab a shower. If you love the gym, you will love our programs. From free weights to rethinking how you use a stair-mill the variety of the Team Fit programs offer will keep you coming back for more.

Consider this: The average a personal training session runs anywhere from $45-$100 an hour. A night out with the girls can cost you $35-$75 in food and drinks. 

What if you invested that in yourself?

We are proud of our accessible pricing, (most packages average just about $19 a week) and the sheer value of our programs. If you follow them, and work with your coach they will work, and they will transform your body, and your life. Instead of throwing cash at a trainer for one session a week, join us EVERY DAY and truly evolve. You'll save big, and lose even more.


Team Fit Phase 1

This 12-week training program is designed specifically for women seeking significant change in body shape, lean tissue & energy!

This is a print-and-go program designed to be completed independently and prepares you for competition on a fitness stage, for a photo-shoot, significant life event such as reunion or wedding or simply because you want changes! These plans were designed for you to take with you over 12-weeks to your gym. These programs are designed to help you achieve optimal results while staying strong, energized and happy!

12 Week All-Inclusive Training Program $235


Team Fit Phase II

A Comprehensive 12 week prep program that includes all of your cardio workouts, strength training workouts, track/plyometric workouts and clean eating plan. This prep plan is designed for those that have already successfully completed the First 12 week Phase Prep program, (Phase I) and are ready for level 2. Consult your Team Fit Coach to decide what program is best for your goals.


12 Week All-Inclusive Training Program $235


Team Fit Phase III

Team Fit Mom & Team Fit Girl's, 12 weeks Phase III Prep Plan is designed for those who have successfully completed 24 weeks of prep (Phase I and Phase II plans). Phase III will introduce your body to a form of strength training called drop sets. This prep plan guides you through all of your strength training, HIIT Cardio and Clean Eating Meal Plan. This is the MECCA of all Prep Plans... and will get your physique in RIP ROARING shape for either competition or just to look stage ready!


12 Week All-Inclusive Training Program $235


Team Fit Phase IV

12-WEEKS of amazing strength, cardio, plyometric stretching that will take your fitness to the next level. Featuring the all new TEAM FIT SEVENSTM - a proprietary strength series that will take your workouts to the next level and TEAM FIT-HIIT - Cardio workouts that take less time and burn more fat! Also for the first time ever the Phase IV plan will come with plan friendly recipes that are delish enough for the whole family! Contact your affiliate coach now to get on the list for the next generation of Team Fit awesomeness!


12 Week All-Inclusive Training Program $235


Clean Eating Plan

Our 10 Week Meal Plan including our signature 4 week Rotating Carbohydrate Plan. A great combo of lean proteins, complex carbs, good fats, fruits and veggies! Energize your life and goals! This plan is designed to shred body fat, help you protect and build lean muscle for a shredded physique.



Clean Eating Program $99.99


Cookbook Team Fit in the Kitchen

Has "healthy" come to mean boring does delicious food translate to hours in the kitchen? Say goodbye to both!

Team Fit in the Kitchen will spice up your plate and help you put exciting delicious food on the table in 30 minutes or less! The 30 recipes found in the Team Fit Cookbook work with all Team Fit Plans and Kut4Men. But they also work as a tool to jump-start your nutrition and healthier lifestyle. These 30 ( plus one bonus,)  healthful recipes are the result of the collaboration with our staff nutritionist and offer sound nutrition without counting calories, macros or points!

Highlights of the TEAM FIT IN THE KITCHEN:

  • 30 Delicious Recipes
  • How to Prepare for success in meal planning and nutrition
  • The TEAM FIT philosophy on nutrition
  • Creating the Perfect Pantry
  • Grocery shopping tools for health
  • Bonus meal planning and grocery shopping templates

* Please note that Team Fit In the Kitchen is a cookbook product and unlike our comprehensive plans does not provide access to the Team Fit Community Page or a Dedicated Coach.


Team Fit in the Kitchen $19.99