Figure, Bikini & Fitness Competitions 

Train for the Stage!


A fitness show of any sort is a meaningful way to keep you motivated towards your goals, and as a result: you'll be in the best shape of your life. It's a healthy and fun goal that you will be proud to have accomplished! Yes, it's a big commitment, like training for a marathon, but we PROMISE you that it will be one of the BEST experiences of your life (next to actually having your kids)!  The only way to make changes in your life and your body is to push beyond your comfort zone and set a goal to reach for. Fitness shows are an awesome way to showcase your hard work, get glammed up for a day, put on a blinged-out bikini and a pair of high heels and be around a group of supportive Mom's who all have similar goals!


Full Fitness Competition Support

We travel to the shows and hang backstage together! We've got you covered from head to toe and will help you select a show, the right federation (NPC, Fitness America, WBFF, OCB) as well as your posing, suit, shoes, tanning, jewelry, hair and makeup! Don't worry about a thing!


How much time do I need to prepare to compete? What kind of competition is right for me?


Smart questions. The answers will depend on a lot of factors including your current fitness, motivation, and interest in one approach versus another, for example: Bikini versus Figure. We'll help you navigate everything from the selection of your first competition all the way through posing, and prep for the day-of. First things first, let's connection you with an experienced coach!

Fitness Universe Pageant - NPC - WBFF - OCB

Have you ever competed in a fitness competition?
Already chose a competition? When is it?
Already chose a competition? When is it?

Additional Team Fit Services for Fitness Competitions

Get Everything You'll Need for Show Day!


As your show coach, whether we are at your show or we guide you through the process: Here is what your coaching staff will assist you with so that every little detail is perfect for your big day:

What's Included In Your Fitness Competition Training Plan:

From Soup to Nuts: We've Got You Covered


We'll help you with every decision, from selecting your show to registering with your federation. We'll help you with the ever-important dress and suit selection, as well as providing you with expert hair, makeup and tanning tips. We are here for you!

We will even help you pick out shoes, jewelry and snacks for the day of! No detail is too small. You'll know what to expect, and feel completely supported.



Posing & Walk Practice

  • Live posing at our studio ~ inquire for current pricing
  • One You tube video will be sent to all clients and for online clients to practice at home. This is Free of charge!