Leah Feldman


Being a coach for Team Fit provides constant inspiration and fulfillment for me. I often find myself thinking that I have no idea how I would survive without the continuous sense of support and strength I get from our Fit Tribe! It is so important to have a mentor in life, someone who you aspire to be like or who inspires you to reach higher, reach outside your comfort zone, and helps you believe that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. I found my mentors through Team Fit and being a coach gives me the chance to give back and be a mentor for other women aspiring to get more out of life! We utilize fitness as a means of instilling confidence in women. Empowering women to recognize their strengths, mind and body, is an amazing experience. Watching women set goals and reach them, is so gratifying. Fitness enables women to be able, powerful, and bold in all aspects of life, at Team Fit we give you tools, inspiration, and motivation. Let us be part of your journey!