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You deserve an approach that actually works, with your own dedicated coach helping you every step of the way!

Are you ready for a smart & fun approach to a serious fitness transformation? Sick of plans that don't give you the support you need to actually reach YOUR goals? Want to work with an expert coach who is dedicated to keeping you on track & inspired? 

Team Fit was born out of necessity in 2009. We are certified fitness junkies, that became frustrated at the lack of support for women and mothers in the fitness world. 

Perfection simply doesn't exist. We aren't interested in air-brushed models. Progress is real & transformation happens- that's why our story is the women that make Team Fit.

Hear from founder Liz Cort, as featured in the 2017 Editorial Photo shoot for the July/ August Issue of STRONG Magazine.

We are passionate about setting goals that push you outside your own personal comfort zone, with a team of women behind you, all while you truly learn to enjoy what fitness can do for your health, life and body!


The Real Question is, What's Your Fitness Goal?


You have to have a vision for what your life & your health might look like. That vision is the spark that lights the fire underneath your goal. You deserve a moment to visualize what your life could be: energized, fit & confident. Sometimes a goal is hard to pin-down, and that's ok! What matters is that you're moving forward, and making time for YOU!


There's so many reasons to finally make yourself a priority. Here are a few!


Meet Our Expert Support Crew


Founder & President Liz Cort

Director of Outreach Tara

Team of Nutrition Experts